The Net2ADSyncServer application, synchronizes your Net2 system with Windows Active Directory. This makes it possible to, after the initial configuration, maintain the users at a single spot (Active Directory).

The Net2ADSyncServer comes in three standard flavours and a customized version.

  • Basic Net2ADSyncServer - up to 25 doors and 100 users.
  • Professional Net2ADSyncServer - unlimited users and doors.
  • Ultimate Net2ADSyncServer - unlimited users and doors, with advanced access levels.
  • Both the Professional and Ultimate version can cope with nested AD groups.
  • A Custom version is the Ultimate Net2ADSyncServer plus customer specific features.
  • Is the difference between Professional and Ultimate unclear? Check out the license types document.
  • New! Existing Net2 users can now be linked in advance with AD users.


  • Synchronizes using the Active Directory attribute 'sAMAccountName' as key;
  • Users access levels are determined by their membership of an AD 'security group' of which a Net2 access level exists with an identical name;
  • Uses can be made member of such a security group via 'nested' groups;
  • Users, that are not a member of one of the security groups with a Net2 counterpart, will be ignored;
  • Up to 18 additional AD attributes can be included in the synchronization process, both to the AD as well as from the AD;
  • Supports the synchronization of user photos;
  • Pin codes, card number(s), and licence plates can be stored in configurable AD attributes and can be synced both to- as well as from- the AD;
  • The card type can be set when syncing card information from the AD;
  • Mifare Classic and Desfire card numbers are automatically converted to the representation used by Net2;
  • Supports multiple cards and one pin code per user;
  • Supports the synchronization of 'Alarm user' as well as the 'Anti passback user', both to- as well as from-the AD;
  • The Creation- and Expiration- date of an AD account is exported to Net2;
  • The assigned access level, department, creation- and expiry- dates can all be individually removed from the synchronization process.
  • Net2 users that are not created by the synchronization application (marked using a definable Net2 field) will be ignored but can be included in the synchronization process;
  • Disabled Active Directory users can, optionally, be ignored, removed from Net2, set to inactive, or placed in a separate department;
  • Removed Active Directory users can, optionally, be deleted, deactivated, or placed in a separate department;
  • Offers optional email notification through SMTP, GMail, Yahoo or Hotmail;
  • Available in Basic, Professional, Ultimate and Custom edition.



Useful information

The latest Net2ADSyncServer application is (at least) compatible with the following Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows Server 2012 and up

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