For all our products, a standard 12 month warranty period applies, during which we will fix any bugs in our code without charge.

Note: An exception may apply, if the cause of an error does not lie in our code, but in (for example) the Paxton SDK or in a third party API.

Net2 version updates

Net2 'minor' version updates, like for example V4.27 to V4.28, typically do not cause problems. There is little risk of our applications no longer functioning after such an update. If however also the 'major' Net2 version is changed, like V4.28 to V5.1, the risk of incompatibility increases. We therefore advise you to contact us before you apply such an update, so we can inform you about any issues we are already aware of.


  • Email
  • Phone
  • Remote access

In case of problems, we can offer support in one of the ways listed above. All our applications have extensive logging features, that are helpful in tracking the cause of issues. Please accompany any error report you send us by recent log file(s).