The 'Parking R2' application is the next generation of the Net2 parking integration and a successor to the Net2ParkingServer. The configuration of this version, has become a lot less complex, while at the mean time more flexible. On top of that, the client application has been integrated as a web application, which is a big step forwards.



  • Supports multiple parkings;
  • Allows setting a maximum to the number of cars allowed, per company/department and parking;
  • Offers full signalling (if required per company/department) using Paxton I/O modules;
  • Allows (using the standard Net2 configuration) to determine the time slots at which access is allowed;
  • Optionally resets all counter values at a time of choice (e.g. nightly);
  • Works with all Net2 identifications (badge, keyfob, pincode, license plate, Net2Entry, etc.);
  • Offers a web client to use at the reception desk;
  • Works with both Net2 Lite and Pro.

Parking R2 vs Net2ParkingServer

  • Simpler configuration. No more '_counter' users in Net2 or full signalling using triggers&actions;
  • Supports multiple parkings;
  • Web based client application. No separate installation required anymore;
  • Use of the standard Net2Entry communication, which guarantees future compatibility;
  • Support for using pin codes on a regular keypad (non Net2Entry);
  • Reporting (Pro);
  • User management (Ultimate);
  • Floor plans (Pro, Soon!);





  • It is a 'server based' solution which, opposed to normal access that is handled autonomously by the Net2 controller, requires the server to be running in order to allow access;
  • The Parking R2 application uses a different technique, which makes it not fully compatible with the earlier Net2ParkingServer. This means you cannot simply upgrade, without making hardware and configuration changes;
  • IOS 15 issues? Please see page 14 of the IntoAccessWebServer manual!


Useful information

The latest Parking R2 application is (at least) compatible with the following Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows server 2012 and up

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