The 'Parking R2' application is the next generation of the Net2 parking integration and a successor to the Net2ParkingServer. For the user interface we switched to a web implementation, which can also be used on mobile devices. The regular Net2 ANPR integration has been improved, by allowing direct network connectivity with the most common ANPR camera brands and includes storing and retrieving captured images.



  • Supports multiple parkings;
  • Allows setting a maximum to the number of cars allowed, per company/department and parking;
  • Offers full signalling (if required per company/department) using Paxton I/O modules;
  • Allows (using the standard Net2 configuration) to determine the time slots at which access is allowed;
  • Optionally resets all counter values at a time of choice (e.g. nightly);
  • Works with all Net2 identifications (badge, keyfob, pin code, license plate, Net2Entry, etc.);
  • Offers a web client to use at the reception desk;
  • Offers user management on a per department/company basis (similar to landlord/tenant);
  • Offers reporting;
  • Offers TCP/IP ANPR camera support (no more Wiegand connections);
  • Offers storing and retrieving (incl. search) ANPR images;
  • Offers floor plans, showing the configured access locations and options to control those;
  • Offers visitor registration upon entry, allowing them easy exit later;
  • Works with both Net2 Lite and Pro.




  • It is a 'server based' solution which, opposed to normal access that is handled autonomously by the Net2 controller, requires the server to be running in order to allow access;
  • The Parking R2 application uses a different technique, which makes it not fully compatible with the earlier Net2ParkingServer. This means you cannot simply upgrade, without making hardware and configuration changes;
  • IOS 15 issues? Please see page 14 of the IntoAccessWebServer manual!


Useful information

The latest Parking R2 application is (at least) compatible with the following Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows server 2012 and up

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