Paxton Attendance Web

We developed a web based attendance application, that comes as both a free (lite) and paid (Professional/Ultimate) versions. The free version offers the basic features you would expect from such an application, but the Pro / Ultimate versions have additional features that may persuade you to buy a license:

  • Marking of special roles, like emergency response officer or key holder;
  • The option to manually change the presence of people;
  • Zoom in on photos;
  • Produce a PDF attendance report;
  • Use your own company logo in the left hand corner;
  • Option for an automated nightly clear;
  • Set an output when no one is present (empty building, switch on alarm);
  • Classic view (tiles like in the Windows version);
  • Screen blanking (privacy);
  • Multiple building configuration;
  • Alarm integration;
  • Branding with your own logo and company name;
  • Markings for visualizing key holders for example;
  • Visitor functionality;
  • And more to come...


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