The Net2Webserver offers you access to your Paxton Net2 server using a desktop or mobile browser.

Since the appearance of Paxton Online, this application has become more or less obsolete and is no longer actively maintained. For any situations where it offers something that Paxton Online does not, we still offer it on our website though.

Please try the application in the online demo. This demo application communicates with a ′dummy′ Net2Server, so anything you alter will have no effect.

Through a different url, the Net2WebServer also offers a web interface that is optimized for mobile use. Since this requires a 'real' Net2WebServer instance, it is not available in the online demo.


  • Maintain users, their pin codes, cards and vehicle registrations;
  • Maintain time zones and access levels;
  • Monitor and control door states;
  • Monitor users attendance;
  • Mobile access.
  • Security:
    • User name / password;
    • Https;
    • IP filtering;
    • Automatic 'blacklisting' suspicious IP's;
    • CSRF detection.




Registration of the application

Registering the application will lift the three hour limitation and allows you access to software updates.

The licence is linked to the PC the Net2WebServer application is installed on.


Useful information

The Net2WebServer application is compatible the Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows Server 2012 and up

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