The Net2Parking application offers the possibility to grant or deny access to users based on counts. This functionality can be applied to parking areas where per company or department. only a limited number of parking slots are available.

Beware: This application has been replaced by Parking R2


  • Offers the possibility to set a maximum allowed number of cars, per company/department;
  • Offers the possibility to adjust the number of cars present, per company/department;
  • Offers full signalling (optinally per company/department) using Net2 triggers on an I/O module;
  • Allows definition of the time slots when access is allowed;
  • Have the counter values optionally reset to zero at a given time of day;
  • Supports the Net2Entry intercom systeem (zie manual for limitations);
  • Has a client application for front desk use;
  • Works with both Net2 Lite and Pro, though Paxton advises the Pro version;



  • It is a 'server based' solution. Opposed to normal access, which is fully handled by an autonomous controller, the server needs to be operational in order to gain access;
  • Pin codes are only supported in combination with Net2Entry.

Useful information

The latest Net2Parking application is (at least) compatible with the current Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows server 2008 and up

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