With the Net2CountedAccess application you can add counter functionality to your access control system. The application is useful for locations like gyms, swimming pools, indoor playgrounds or parking lots, where you want to offer a a user access but only for a limited number of times.


For each Net2 user, it can be configured that he/she only gets granted access for a limited number of times to a certain area/space. For that, the application checks a designated user field for the presence of a numeric value.
Every time a user enters the area, the numeric value will be lowered by one.
At the moment the value reaches zero, another access level can be linked to the user,.
By linking the user to access level 'No access', any further access can be completely blocked but it is also possible to link a user to a less restrictive access level.
So it is not mandatory that a user can get no access whatsoever anywhere, when his/her limit is reached.
Optionally, the counter can also be lowered upon a user exiting the area.
An area/space is defined by the doors that give access to it it. These can also be barriers of any other type.


  • Add a limited times one can gain access to the Net2 access cotnrol system;
  • Simply select which Net2 user field to use for counting, which door(s) it applies to and which access level a user gets once the limit is reached.;
  • Perfect for gyms, swimming pools, indoor playgrounds, parking lots or any other situation where you want to limit the number of times that access is granted;
  • Works together with both Paxton Net2 Lite and Pro;



Useful information

The latest Net2CountedAccess applicatie is (at least) compatibel with the current Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows Server 2012 and up

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