The Net2CalSyncServer application, offers the possibility to assign another access level to users on specific days of the month/year.
This is one step beyond the standard Net2 access levels, which only allow definitions for certain days of the week or holidays.

An application would be a sports club, were it is possible to setup a year roster for those people that have (for example) bar or cleanup duties.


  • Alters the access level based on a CSV or Excel definition file (fig. 3).
    Originally the CSV format was chosen, since it is a common format for exporting from other programs and it can be maintained using a standard spreadsheet program or text editor. Recently however, support for Excel files was also added.
    An entry exists of one or more key fields, the deviating/elevated access level and the period of the deviation;
  • Users that are not listed in the definition file are left untouched;
  • The 'key' by which users are selected, can be one or a combination of Net2 user properties (for example: 'first name, surname' or 'personnel number').
    The first line in the definition file, should (besides the mandatory fields) hold the applicable key fields ( for example 'FirstName' en 'Surname').
    The application will check if this (combined property) key will lead to a unique user selection.


Useful information

The latest Net2CalSyncServer application is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows server 2012 and up

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