26 November 2018

23-11-2018 Version 2.4.0 of the Net2ADSyncServer released

New in version 2.4 is the option to let the application run daily at fixed times.
12 October 2018

12-10-2018 Bugfix PaxtonAttendanceWeb

Version 1.7.2 fixes a bug, which caused a configuration where a user is allowed to only change her/his own state, not to work.
9 October 2018

09-10-2018 Version 2 of the Net2ADSyncServer released

The new Net2ADSyncServer received the following improvements: Paxton card numbers and/or PIN codes can now be synchronized, both to the AD as well as from the AD; A separate AD […]
27 September 2018

29-09-2018 Improved Net2CalSyncServer released

The latest Net2CalSyncServer release is more user friendly, supports Excel files and comes with a proper manual. It (slightly) breaks compatibility with previous versions, in that it no longer requires […]