8 July 2020

08-07-2020 A new feature for the ADSyncServer

Version 2.13.0 includes the possibility to use an AD attribute as a source for the department in which the user is to be placed.
23 April 2020

23-04-2020 New features for the Net2MultiSyncServer

Blacklist reset:From now on, you have the option to automatically clear the blacklist. The blacklist contains servers that cause one or more errors. By clearing the blacklist automatically, you don’t […]
23 April 2020

23-04-2020 PaxtonAttendanceWeb: new functionality for Ultimate licence holders

Visitors can be added to the attendance overview. Make your attendance overview complete by including visitors; Are you applying access control via licence plate recognition? Assign a licence plate to […]
23 April 2020

23-04-2020 Net2JsonRestServer supports Lockdown calls

The most recent version of the application, allows you to place your Net2 configuration in and out of the lockdown state. Users that have been configured not to be subject […]