The Net2ADSyncServer application offers user synchronization between Microsoft Active Directory and the Paxton database.. Optionally cards/tags/pins can be synchronized as well.
The access level applied to each user, depends on its AD security group membership.

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PaxtonAttendance Web

This PaxtonAttendance implementation, offers a mobile and desktop capable web interface to display who is present. The pro version has added features like (among others) the possibility to manually alter the state of a person and set an IO contact when the building is empty.

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Parking R2

The Parking R2 application offers the possibility to limit the number vehicles allowed onto a parking lot, per department or company. I/O boards are supported for offering full signalling.

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The Net2SysLog application relays Net2 events to a syslog service.

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The Net2JsonResetServer offers access to the Net2 SDK, from a non dotnet environment.

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The Net2WebServer offers browser access to your Paxton Net2 access control system. You do not have to rely on the a third party for hosting it, like with the centralized Paxton solution
and it requires no periodic licence fees.

This application also offers support for mobile devices.

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With the Net2Counted Access application you can add a counter function to your access control system.
It is very useful for gyms, swimming pools, indoor playgrounds and also parking lots, where you want to offer the customer a fixed number of times to access.

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The Net2CalSyncServer application offers the possibility to supply a (month/year) calendar CSV file, which defines which users should have different rights at certain dates / periods. After the period passes, the original rights of those users are automatically restored.

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Then Net2MultiSyncServer application allows you to synchronize users in multiple Net2 configurations from one central Net2 configuration. All user properties, including cards and pincodes are synchronized.

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The Net2Query application is a developer tool. It can however also be used to make CSV reports of, for example, lists of users, cards or specific events. Some knowledge of SQL is however required.

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The Net2IOTool can be useful when testing IO modules. It offers insight in the state of the IO modules, including the inputs and outputs. Besides that, you can manually control the state of the output relays.

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Did you not find the required functionality in this overview and do you need a custom solution, please contact us to discuss the possibilities..


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