The Net2AzureSyncServer application, synchronizes your Net2 system with Microsoft Azure from the cloud. This allows you to, after the initial configuration, maintain your users in just one place (Azure).

There are two versions of the Net2AzureSyncServer available, but if you require some special functionality, it is also possible to have a custom version made. All versions can synchronze from multiple 'tenants' (organizations) to one Paxton Net2 configuration.

  • Professional Net2AzureSyncServer: unlimited users and doorss;
  • Ultimate Net2AzureSyncServer: ulimited users and doors, with advanced access levels;
  • Any custom implementation will be based on the Ultimate version, extended with customer specific functionality;
  • If the difference between Professional and Ultimate version is unclear, please have a look at this document: license types;


  • Synchronization takes place using the Azure user attribuut 'id' (36 character UUID) as the key value;
  • Synchronisazation can take place from one or more 'tenants' (organizations);
  • Offers the possibility to sync nearly all Net2 user fields from Azure user attributes;
  • Offers support for both 'Schema Extensions' as well as 'Open Extensions';
  • Offers the possibility to synchronize card numbers, pin codes and license plates from Azure;
  • Supports multiple cards, multiple plates and one pin code per user;
  • Mifare CSN and Desfire CSN cards will be automatically converted to the correct card number in Net2;
  • You can configure which card type (symbol) to use in Net2 (for synchronized cards)
  • Access rights for a user, are determined by making a user a member of an Azure group, for which there is an access level in Net2 with the same name;
  • Net2 users that are not created by the synchronization application (to be marked in a user definable Net2 field), will be ignored (can coexist with synced users);
  • Users that are removed from Azure, will also be removed from Net2;
  • If Azure does not contain cards or pin codes, any cards that are created manually in Net2 will be left untouched;
  • Optionally offers email notification using SMTP, GMail, Yahoo or Hotmail;
  • Available as a Professional, Ultimate and Custom version.


Useful information

The Net2AzureSyncServer application is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows server 2012 and up

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