The Net2AFASSyncServer application will take care of synchronizing between AFAS and the Net2 access control system. Using this software, new employees that are created in AFAS, will automatically also appear in Net2 with the required authorization. When their employment ends, further access will automatically be denied.


  • Makes use of an AFAS GET Connector interface;
  • Offers the option to freely link AFAS user attributes to their Net2 counterpart;
  • Synchronized user name, validity period, department, access level, card/tag/license plate(s), pin code, alarm user and if a users falls under the anti-passback rules;
  • Will assign default values to Net2 department, access level, alarm user and anti-passback user, when these values are not provided by AFAS;
  • Offers the option to either remove expired users or to keep then (optionally in a separate department) including their event log;



Useful information

The Net2AFASSyncServer application is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows server 2012 and up

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