The Net2BookingServer application offers synchronization between an online provider for booking resources and the Net2 access control system. At the moment that the booked period starts, the customer will be able to gain access to the booked space(s), using a PIN or QR code that will be automatically sent to them by email, shortly after making the booking. After the booking period has ended, further access will be denied.

At this moment we offer synchronization with Skedda, Booked and possibly other booking providers that offer a similar iCal integration option. Both Skedda  and Booked offer the possibility to create a trial account, that allows you to test it all before actually buying anything yet.


  • Will assign a personal access level to a booking users, when access to one or more resources is needed;
  • Will assign a global access level (typically 'no access') to booking users that should not have access (anymore);
  • Will automatically create a Net2 user for the booking user and will also clean it up, if that is required;
  • Will issue a free PIN or QR code to a booking user and send this by email;
  • Offers the option to define additional time before and/or after the booked period, so a booking users will have some grace time for entering and/or leaving the booked space(s);
  • Does not support the use of Paxlocks (Net2Plus controllers are recommended).


If you experience that controllers appear not to receive the proper access rights, please install the "Paxton Net2 Patch for individual access levels" that was released by Paxton (download link available below).



Useful information

The Net2BookingsServer application is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows server 2012 and up

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